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A new vintage makes its way beautifully

A journey of wine at La Cité du Vin
Vouni Panayia Ambassador Winery

A new vintage makes its way beautifully

For those on the island in Spring,

A new vintage in Cyprus can mean much more literally: It’s worth looking beyond the more obvious options too. Cyprus should be on the radar thanks to a developing viticulture scene that’s moved away from the classic, centuries-old commandaria dessert wine towards more modern tastes. “The Cypriot wine industry has grown and matured and Wine tourism is definitely on the up here, and wineries are frequently the epitome of Cypriot hospitality.” Noel Josephides, chairman of Sunvil.

30 years on the island – a wine story

Cypriot wines have really begun to shine. During this time, countless boutique wineries have opened their doors, tinkering with endemic varieties such as Maratheftiko, Xynisteri, Spourtiko, Promara and Yiannoudi and releasing vintages worthy of international recognition can be more than entertaining – it’s the realisation of a few pioneers in achieving their 30 year vision for Cyprus vineyards.

Yiannoudi surfaces as altitude red blends

Impeccable results for novel Pitsilia Blend, Mavri Xira, Yiannoudi and Maratheftiko – Askon Art Vineyards & Wines – Συγχαρητήρια 🏅 Decanter Awards 2024.
*Impeccably fruit focused with tons of ripe blueberries and raspberries and a light-footed smattering of smoky oak. Buoyant and juicy with crunchy tannins and tense acidity.
Decanter awards still remain a worthy guideline for also judging the evolution of winemaking from Cyprus since the last 17 editions. The 2024 awards show a mix of results reflecting a good representation for older vintages and mixed results especially for some of the earliest of Cyprus wineries participating since 2007.

But if delight is your thing

In the capable hands, you will find yourself, as in the proposed from Grape to Glass journey through Cyprus and its wine making history for a wine themed itinerary, many of the local vineyards run in-depth tours if you are interested in the science (and the passion) that goes into each glass, followed by a tasting, so you can tell your Maratheftiko from your Mavro.

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