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The spirit of craft in Europe

Zivania is featured in tourism awareness Campaign, Spirits Tourism, to drive awareness about the craft of distilling and its attractiveness as tourism destination.

The spirit of craft in EuropeThe campaign launched by the trade association Spirits Europe, coincides with a concerted effort towards the incoming European Commission President von der Leyen, calling for the new Commission to take SMEs, rural communities and tourism seriously.

The signatories of the Tourism Manifesto, among which MPs, advocate for enhanced transport and travel flows, crucial for providing adequate connectivity  benefiting rural communities in efforts to successfully diversify tourism.

The overreaching campaign #SpiritofEurope illustrates the opportunities distilleries offer, as tourist destinations, and how they can become “positive agents of change”, driving demand for local services and fueling local economic growth.

There should be a long-term rural and tourism strategy reducing red tape for SMEs to make support for startups and rural communities fully tangible. Funding programmes are welcome, but representatives of SMEs will agree that complex legislation often puts them at a disadvantage to larger, established companies capable of navigating this labyrinth.

The manifesto highlights that, ‘the continued success of the European tourism sector should not be taken for granted’, requiring a holistic European approach to create a favourable environment for its growth and development, requiring important policy decisions to be taken while addressing sustainability, accessibility, safety and security, visa processing, digitalisation and economic competitiveness, both within Europe and globally.

It is yet another defense of rural economic realities linked to viticultural territories, where the quality of a product takes on a special dimension when combined with the territory where it is born.

About the taste of a destination

The hundreds of geographically-specific distilled products spread across Europe can be discovery, as a spirit of tradition, a spirit of growth and a spirit of sustainability.

Led by Spirits Europe,  in the form of the Spirit Tourism awareness campaign, it “lets you discover how master distillers rely on centuries-old recipes and techniques to mix and blend their distinctive products, maintaining the perfection achieved by the craft of previous generations while also exploring innovative ways to create a never-ceasing flow of new, exciting products”.

The spirit of craft in EuropeThe Spirits Tourism campaign infuses meaning with the themes of tradition, growth and sustainability to illustrate how revitalised rural communities can perpetuate and contribute to maintaining Europe’s cultural heritage alive.

Among the 23 spirits illustrated, Zivania distilled by Kalamos is the participating winery joining the campaign to illustrate how through the taste of a destination you’ll be discovering a spirit of tradition, a spirit of growth and a spirit of sustainability.