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05 Dec / Soils for life – World Soil Day

Soils and pulses, a symbiosis for life
The 2016 theme on World Soil Day (5th of December) for which The Cyprus Institute organizes a mountain terrace rehabilitation workshop, part of a series of public events that are co-organized in collaboration with where Dry stone wall terraces are a long-held tradition of the Troodos Mountain and have enabled agricultural production on these steep slopes.

Indigenous terrace maintenance know-how is slowly disappearing due to the gradual abandonment of mountain agriculture. The collapse of un-maintained terraces is damaging our environment and downstream infrastructure. For the past two years, dry-stone experts, local communities and scientists have joined forces to combat land degradation and pass this know-how to the next generation. A timely recognition of the importance that the soil has in providing answers to constant environmental changes.
As part of the RECARE project which enabled multidisciplinary team of 27 different organisations to find ways of assessing the current threats to soils, Cyprus further pursues finding innovative solutions to prevent further soil degradation in the context of European collaboration.
Start date: 1 November 2013, end date: 31 October 2018 (duration 60 months)
Terrace farming, a vital past and promising future – visit by the CCRI UK