Ambassador Winery Argyrides

A journey of wine with Evoinos at La Cité du Vin
Argyrides Vineyards

Argyrides Vineyards

**The Cyprus Ambassador Wine Program, a collective initiative in participation with la Cité du Vin & Evoinos.
Once I saw the winery was growing professionally, I decided to grow with the winery

Vasa Koilaniou, the wooded valley of vine landscapes, ancient winemaking heritage and conserved traditional limestone architecture.

Cypruswine can call Bordeaux as new port of call for tastings

New Port of Call

Maritime connections

Discovering Wines in a new light
Cyprus wine destination thanks to evoinos
Remarkable receives inspiration
Cyprus wines captivating new palates

Rare grapes on stage

maratheftiko wine appreciation

Cyprus Grape Experiences

New horizons.

Captivating and inviting to rare grapes
cyprus wines have new calling to captivate winelovers

Wine among wines

Stage like no other.
A new dimension to Cyprus Wine Experiences

Home to fifth generation winemaking, the winery is fruit of a transformative expansion led by Pambos Argyrides using original buildings restored and expanded, blending tradition with functionalities of a modern-day winery. Run today by Rebecca Argyrides and her family, sustain the emblematic Estate Argyrides wines.




2014, Argyrides Vineyards, Maratheftiko


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