Ambassador Winery Vouni Panayia

A journey of wine with Evoinos at La Cité du Vin
Vouni Panayia Cyprus Ambassador Winery

Vouni Panayia Winery

**The Cyprus Ambassador Wine Program, a collective initiative in participation with la Cité du Vin & Evoinos.
Bound to local terroir, epitome of mountain viticulture in Cyprus

Mountain viticulture above the Troodos mountains, sets the scene for a unique appreciation of terroir in Pafos region of Cyprus. Ungrafted indigenous vines find in the altitude climate a unique environment to grow where traditional Mavro grapes have given way to more appreciated grapes of Xynisteri, Maratheftiko and Yiannoudi.

It’s a love for nature and devotion to Vouni Panayia vines that led a visionary Kyriakides to project in the remote region of Vouni Panayia, the first winery that would become, and remain, a reference for integrated winemaking and wine tourism as a singular place for generations to come. A vision that today not only thrives but has also past the generational succession as much of the winemaking  lies in the capable hands of internationally schooled enologists.




2016, Vouni Panayia Alina, Xynisteri
2016, Vouni Panayia, Spourtiko
2016, Vouni Panayia, Promara
2016, Vouni Panayia, Pampela Rosé
2015, Vouni Panayia, Barba Yiannis, Maratheftiko
2014, Vouni Panayia, Yiannoudi


Micro Vinifi-Cations IV

Unique Terroir Winemaking from Vouni Panayia

  • Micro Vinifications IV

    Adventuring post-fermentative diverse experiments on 5 native varieties.