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Keo Mallia

**The Cyprus Ambassador Wine Program, a collective initiative in participation with la Cité du Vin & Evoinos.
Κυπριακή Εταιρία Οίνων, KEO, linked to the enterprising of Cyprus Wine.

South facing vineyards in the surrounding areas of the Mallia Winery belong to the region of Krasochoria, north west of Limassol (Lemesos). Keo Mallia vineyards are historic and part of efforts to re-introduce indigenous varieties, of which experimental winemaking which has been undergoing since it founding in the 1920’s.

Since 1996 Keo Mallia has been testimonial to the focus by Keo to return modern winemaking to the viticultural area of Krasochoria. Vineyards that for some varieties have been experimental, in other cases, have played a role in recuperating varieties almost extinct on the island. Under guidance of competent winemaking, Keo Mallia has surprised with the introduction on the market of microcuveés for rare varieties, as well as higher quality vintages for mainstream wines.




2016, Keo, Xynisteri
2016, Kitma Keo, White blend
2013, Ktima Keo, Red blend
2013, Ktima Keo, Shiraz-Merlot
2013, Keo, Heritage, Maratheftiko
N.V. Saint John Keo, Commandaria