About Evoinos

An amalgam of flavors interlaced for centuries from the eastern Mediterranean.

An inspiration of tastes from different culinary traditions in the Eastern Mediterranean basin; Cyprus has influences from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon & Syria and with clear traces from from Egypt, Southern Italy, France, and Spain.

Added to the wild riches in natural ingredients that the generous soils of Cyprus withhold, it’s undeniable that the island bears the gift of goodness.  It is therefore only natural that Cyprus Wines live up to this heritage.

Cyprus living viticultural heritage and today’s winemaking reality

Ultimately, Evoinos strives for knowledge and capacity building through advocacy, cultural management so as to engage and inspire diverse professional and non-professional wineloving audiences.

Gladly, we are not alone in this task, thus the Cyprus Wine Project which agglutinates the best in Winemaking from Cyprus with the hope sharing aspirations and exceeding expectations in taste and experiences.