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Limassol Wine Festival 2024

Cyprus folkloric blend of Wine, Vine and Love made Wine Festival.
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Limassol Wine Festival 2024

28th of September until 6th of October 2024.
8-days of entertainment and traditional folklore.

The Annual Cyprus Wine Festival in Limassol

Celebrating festivals in Cyprus is a deeply ingrained cultural trait with celebratory events for all aspects of the island’s manifestations of culture.  As Cyprus has a rich vine growing and winemaking tradition stretching back to ancient times, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that today, the Limassol Wine Festival, is heralded as a modern festivity, in the form of cultural bridge to past traditions of worship ceremonies dedicated to the gods, Dionysus and Aphrodite – the perfect blend of wine, vine and love.

Drink wine to feel alive

Today in its 63rd edition, the 9-day festival held in the town’s seaside municipal gardens, welcoming visitors in the traditional manner and greeted by the symbolic villager statue. The now emblem of the festival is reminder of the entertaining joy brought to thousands of people during the late summer nights which provide for a great atmosphere and lively evenings partaking of the wine and festivities which include affordable local dishes, traditional dances, songs, and comedic and satirical theatrical performances.

As Cyprus oldest running Summer Festival, it offers everyone a chance to experience the Greek tradition of Dionysian while promoting communal enjoyment as an escape to life’s daily worries, a reminder of the celebratory joy and good fortunes of the grape harvest, “Drink wine to feel alive”.


The Cyprus Wine Festival 2024

Seafront Limassol at the Municipal Gardens

Date/Time: 2024 Edition
Date(s) – 28th September 2024 until 6th of October 2024

Location: Municipal Gardens, Limassol – Cyprus

Information & Contact:  Municipality at Limassol:  [email protected]. Tel: +357 25-745919.