The masters of the unique, renewed Cyprus Wine

cyprus wine uniqueThe masters of the unique – New Cyprus Wine

Die Meister des Einzigartigen by Uvinum

Cyprus’s old grape varieties are experiencing a renaissance and it’s not something you have to believe, one can even taste it.

Our wines, are the result of combining tradition and the local conditions of nature with the knowledge and insights of our time

Take the doubts away, the masters have taken charge of the vineyards and a mission to dominate the local fruit in a blend with international varieties for a wider appeal.

Guided by an expert hand at Paphoswein in Switzerland, Vinum publishes a timely update on Cyprus wines and wineries.

A slow but steadily growing number of winegrowers and wine producers rely on quality wines which they produce mostly from indigenous grape varieties.


Renaissance Winemakers pictured above (from center):

1. Michalis Constantinides, Ezousa

2. Costas Tsiakkas, Tsiakkas Winery

3. Marcos Zambartas, Zambartas Winery

4. Andreas Kyriakides, Vouni Panayia Winery

5. Sofoklis Vlassides, Vlassides Winery