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open terroir- open doors wineries cyprusOpen winery doors, an invitation to discover distinct Wine Expressions from Cyprus viticultural heartlands

Terroir -Wine -Experiences – Cyprus

Get with the wineries that open their doors to unique wine experiences, their grapes and winemaking challenges.



Exclusive weekend 26th & 27th November 2022 programmed with cellar visit times with winery tours, blind-folded tastings, and tasting experiences

During Saturday and Sunday, Wineries & tasting rooms will remain opened from 11 am until 17 pm.

The Grape Escape

Winery visits
Booking information:

Argyrides – 25-945999
Kyperounta – 25-532043
Tsiakkas – 99-244795
Vlassides – 97-789560
Zambartas – 25-942424

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Open Terroirs, Wines made more Epic

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At Argyrides, Kyperounda, Tsiakkas, Vlassides and Zambartas Wineries.
Meet Cypriot wine-making through wine tasting and guided tours of the wineries.
26-27th November 2022
Hours 11:00 – 17:00h
Upon Reservation

Cyprus Terroir Wine Experiences

Open Vineyards

Autumns sets in.

Discovering Vines in a new light

Open Winery Doors

Welcomes like no other.
An open door to Cyprus Terroir Wine Experiences

Cyprus Terroir Wine Experiences

Our Mountain Viticulture.

Territories to discover
At the heart of cellar experience
Intimacy at the Cyprus Wineries

Open Winery Doors

Wine Escapades, moments of escape. Opening up to the culture of wine with the general public and winelovers, is wanting to partake invitations from wineries to experience wine growing territories with their customs and culture. The proactive design of new experiences is a the heart of creating value for the consumer and winery visitors in a context of moderation and appreciation for expanding wine culture in Cyprus.