Franches de Pied, Vignobles et Terroir

Beyond the question of Viticultural preservation

The essence of interest towards saving ungrafted grape vines, means safekeeping the diversity in taste and authenticity derived from terroir.

Striving to revive ungrafted grape varieties on historical sites, is also an intention to preserve own-rooted vineyards capabilities to sustain their co-evolution with modern pathogens.  Exploring as to how Ungrafted Old Vines Vitis Vinifera can evolve, this is a way for research to also provide the community with answers.

The interest in a return to the ungrafted viticulture, we are talking about a local viticulture, a viticulture which does not seek to be the “best”, but which seeks the authentic, the singularity, the originality in its primary expression, that is to say, which is only found in one place and which does not resemble anything else in the world

Anselme Selosse

Under the auspices of  HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the European Association of “francs de pied” wines officially launched in Monaco to work on ungrafted heritage and the creation of a winemaking label.

The Association also aims to create and manage a label certifying wines from the cultivation of free-standing vines and respecting the know-how and the local ecosystem. This label will be managed following the recommendations of a Scientific Council composed of expert members.

Francs de pied |
La révolution en marche.

The Francs Pied Terroir Reportage, the mapping pre-phylloxera vineyards, a recognition for the work by and from all parts included, from the passionate winegrowers and winemakers  on the Island of Cyprus.

A significative highlight on Terroir globally, includes the appreciated work at Zambartas Wineries and research from Vouillamoz José , joining the collections of writings of Rudolf Trefzer and Jacky Rigaux.

DIVO Club de vin.
Revue DIVO Terroir Edition n°93, 24 pages devotes entirely to “franche de pied”, Ungrafted Vines.

Journey to the own-rooted vineyards

An opportunity to be presented with wines from the DIVO assortment which come from ungrafted vines.

A total of 12 estates, including six new to the portfolio (in bold): St. Jodern Kellerei (Valais, CH), Rudeles (Ribera del Duero, ES), Perrin (Rhône, FR), Cogno (Piedmont, IT), Bodegas Verum (ES), Enrico Esu and Bentesali (Sargaigne, IT), Zambartas Wineries (CY), Gavalas and Kefallinos (GR), as well as Trinity Canyon (AM)

The pursuit of higher value winemaking indeed is not a race, nor a beauty pageant, it’s but a contest for differentiation where everyone strikes gold.