Harvest Report Koilani

The promising harvest that only the rains could have dampened.

2018 Harvest;  Closing News at Vlassides Winery

The harvest season of 2018 at Koilani, is now complete. This was a year of heavy rainfall during May and June, the effects of which we dealt with early and effectively, in order to ensure our grapes were healthy and all of our varieties, white and red, matured smoothly.

During the mild summer season of 2018, our grapes matured under temperatures not exceeding 32°C, which ensured excellent organoleptic characteristics, especially for Sauvignon blanc and later on in September for the red varieties of the winery.

We are expecting our 2018 harvest for our white wines (which will be available to enjoy in December 2018) to bring out an intense aromatic and fruity character. Additionally, for our reds (which will be available in the fall of 2019 and 2020) we are expecting wines with deep colour, balanced alcohol content and soft tannins.

Source: Press release Vlassides Winery 30.10.18. www.vlassideswinery.com

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